Pay your rent online

Set up an account online by visiting

    1.  Enter your email address
   2.  Create a password
   3.  Click Continue
   4.  Enter your name and telephone number
   5.  Click Continue
   6.  Check your email for the verification code from Enter it and click Verify Code.
   7.  Now you are signed into your online account and need to associate your self-storage unit
   8.  Click Find my Storage Unit next to the heading My Storage
   9.  Enter the phone number you provided to Eastwood Storage and your unit number and click Associate Room
  10.  Now your unit is associated to your online account and you are ready to manage your storage unit online

                     Once your unit is added to your Uhaul account, you can click Pay Rent under My Storage


                                         *You can make a one time payment, or set up your account for AutoPay

                                      and your card will be charged automatically on your due date each month.

                                                       *You can also view your payment history and receipts. 

               Eastwood Storage


            15256 Karampas Lane

          Williamsburg, OH 45176

               Temporary Office    

            Hours Starting 07/09/20
         Monday: 10AM-3PM
         Tuesday: 10AM-3PM
     Wednesday: 10AM-3PM
       Thursday: 10AM-3PM
          Friday: 10AM-3PM
           Saturday: 9AM-12PM
               Sunday: CLOSED